Triangle pads for Sports bra Bikini & Dress Padding

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No matter is you're an itty bitty A cup or a plus size G cup, shape matters. Whether flat like pancakes or floppy like flapjacks, your boobies deserve proper
treatment. Give them a sexier, fuller shape without the bulky weight. These thin & lightweight bra cups mold your physique without anyone else knowing!

INDULGENTLY SOFT NO SCRATCH SILKY SMOOTH CUP - Won't Irritate Skin, Can Comfortably Be Worn Under Clothes
Softer & smoother than most bra padding cups. Conceals nipples with coverage to prevent "headlights" from peeking through clothing.

BRALETTE CUP CAN BE SEWN IN, TAPED ON, TUCKED IN - Sew Into Dresses, Tape on For Under Clothing Enhancement
Popular pick for beauty pageants, prom, formal events. Tuck the triangular pads into bras, sew them into gowns, tape on with adhesive.

THINNER, LIGHTER, EASIER TO WEAR THAN OTHER PADS - No Shifting, Wrinkling, Rolling or Breaking Apart in Wash
Machine wash shirts, bras & bikinis with padding sewn in without worrying. Durable foam construction withstands washing & drying.

Light to Moderate Coverage: Enhances Breast Shape & Hides the Nipple for Discretion
Lining Nursing or Sports Bra: Somewhat Absorbent - Absorbs Boob Sweat, Breast Milk
Rounded Edges for Comfort: Edges Won't Rub or Scratch, Wear Padding Comfortably
For Girls, Teens & Women: Insert In Training Bras, Wireless Bralettes, Swimming Tops

RECOMMENDED USES: Use bra insert padding cups to enhance backless shirts, off-the-shoulder tops, formal ballgowns, bodysuits, jumpsuits, rompers,
nursing bras for breastfeeding, trainer's bra, sporty gym bras & so much more. The triangular shape makes them easy to insert & remove or sew in & leave.

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