Silicone Anti Wrinkle Chest & Neck Pads

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Silicone Anti Wrinkle Chest & Neck Pads
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Look Refreshed – Feel Rejuvenated - Gain The Most Perfect, Smooth & Youthful Skin With Ease!

As the war against wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage and skin sagging rages on, we all want an effective and strong ally by our side to help us win the battle.

That’s why we designed and manufactured the perfect ally for you to safely, naturally and easily win the war from the comfort of your home without expensive spa treatments, needles and chemical loaded creams and other solutions.

Invest In The Top Quality Of The Wrinkle Treatment Decollete Pad & Neck Pad Set By FEMAGIQUE!

Our high value pack of 2 different wrinkle treatment pads includes a neck pad and chest pad for optimal all–inone wrinkle repair and wrinkle prevention in the vulnerable and sensitive neck, chest and cleavage area.

Made of high quality medical grade silicone gel, free of chemicals and hypoallergenic - our pads are ultra safe for your skin and suitable for all skin types as they don’t cause redness or skin irritation.

You can easily incorporate our anti-wrinkle chest and neck pad in your daily skin care regime and gain the multitude of benefits they have to offer!

Simply wash and dry the targeted area, smooth over the self-adhesive pads and you’re done! Remove after a few hours - rinse with lukewarm water and store them in the handy storage folder until your next use.

Why Our Silicone Pads Are The Most Effective Skin Care Product You Could Ever Use:

•Anti-aging & Anti-wrinkle - reduces & prevents fine lines, wrinkles & crepey skin
•Boosts collagen production & blood circulation for a firmer younger look
•Restores skin moisture by drawing moisture to skin surface
•Discreet & super comfortable you can wear them anywhere you desire

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