Lightweight Push Up Bra pads

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LIGHTWEIGHT PUSH UP BRA PADS – give your cleavage a boost with our non-adhesive push up pads which are designed to lift and push up your breasts for a stunning and voluminous looking cleavage. A curved shape for optimal effect FOAM BRA INSERTS – designed from thick foam and fabric, they are lightweight, soft and gentle on the skin and won’t rub or damage your existing bra’s or clothing RECOMMENDED SIZE INFORMATION – if your existing bra size is an A or B cup then our push up bra inserts are exactly what you need to add some shape and volume to your figure CARE INSTRUCTIONS – our push up bra cups are reusable for your convenience. They are washable to ensure they look and feel like new every time you wear them HOW TO WEAR – choose to wear them loose in your bra or fitted clothing or alternatively sew them into your bra for a permanent lift. Larger cup sizes can wear our bra inserts but they will have less effect
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